Traditional Interior Design

At David Hales Design Studio, we find that despite unfair connotations of predictable and stuffy interiors, effective traditional interior design can result in the creation of inviting, inspiring and downright incredible spaces of enormous appeal. It’s simply a case of taking a step away from the generic, focusing instead on creativity and personality.

Exactly what represents ‘traditional’ interior design is a subject of strong debate. For some, it’s all about the accessories – furniture, fixtures, ornaments, window dressings and so on. For others, traditional interior design is based around the selection of timeless colour schemes from years gone by. To us, however, traditional interior design is all about creating a reflection of the client’s personality and priorities.

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For millions of property owners across the UK, traditional interior design and style is the preferred option. But what exactly is traditional interior design and style? What does ‘traditional’ mean from an interior design perspective?

For the most part, effective traditional interior design seeks to create spaces that are calm, comfortable and orderly. Ornate and ostentatious accessories are optional, but there are some key elements considered mandatory in traditional interior design – symmetry, soft furnishings, a sense of space and so on. Viewed from a slightly different angle, chaos and randomness go entirely against the grain with traditional interior design.

While there will always be basic guidelines to follow, traditional interior design means different things to different people. That’s why we work hard to ensure the projects we complete become living, breathing reflections of our clients’ personalities. Whatever traditional interior design and style means to you, we’ll bring your vision to life before your eyes.


Explore the latest traditional interior decoration ideas with David Hales Design Studio, an award-winning team of designers based in Surrey. Unlike some, we prefer not to waste time and energy on temporary fads and fashion.  Instead, we’re more about the kinds of timeless traditional interior decoration ideas that go the distance.  Taking inspiration from the history of interior design and combining it with our modern take on interior styling, we create unique and inspiring designs that reflect our clients’ personalities.

Traditional interior decoration and design isn’t exclusively about neutral walls, antique textiles and oversized furniture. We often find that traditional interior decorations and room elements can be juxtaposed with contemporary fixtures for added impact and appeal. No two interiors are the same, which is why we approach every project as an invaluable opportunity to take our creativity to the next level. Book your free design consultation with David Hales Design Studio and begin exploring your property’s untapped potential.


At David Hales Design Studio, we believe that traditional interior design can be creative, innovative and inspiring. Our traditional interior design services take cues from various important design eras, which are combined with contemporary influences to create truly remarkable interiors. From small urban apartments to sprawling country manor houses, our traditional interior design services are all about comfort, warmth and the creation of a welcoming environment.

We combine the creative vision of the client with our own inspired approach to traditional interior design, in order to produce one-of-a-kind results with every project we take on. However challenging the makeover and limited the budget, we’ll do whatever it takes to create your dream interiors at a price you can afford. For more information on any aspect of our inspired traditional interior design services, contact a member of the team at David Hales Design Studio anytime.

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The very best of British interior design, conceptualised and realised by an elite team of award-winning designers. At David Hales Design Studio, we see British interior design as a combination of heritage, personality and international influence. Rooted in the nation’s proud architectural history, the best of British interior design is sophisticated, luxurious and uniquely inspiring. Classical and contemporary British interior design is a popular interior design trend worldwide, though is nowhere more prevalent or prominent than right here in the UK.

For generations, leading British interior designers have been taking inspiration from near and distant regions around the globe. The result of which is an eclectic amalgamation of stunning styles, which come together to create truly beautiful interior spaces. A classical approach to interior design with more than a few contemporary cues, we offer the very best of British interior design for homes and businesses across the UK.

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