Scandinavian Interior Design

Whether interior design is your trade, your passion or simply your hobby, you’ll have heard of Scandinavian interior design. If only due to the prevalence of certain global retail conglomerates, Scandinavian interior design has become a byword for practical, minimalist and cost-effective interior enhancements. Dominated by white walls, wooden floors and functional modern furniture, Scandinavian interior design has impacted and influenced almost all other interior design styles for more than five decades.

Suitable for homes and businesses alike, Scandinavian interior design is an attractive and accessible approach to design, which perfectly balances presentation with practicality. Far from cold and sterile, it’s also a warm and comforting approach to design – born in a region of mild summers and harsh winters. Today, 21st century Scandinavian interior design combines traditional design cues with ultra-modern influences from around the world. The result of which is a captivating, calming and cost-effective approach to interior design that’s earned legendary status worldwide.


Form and function in perfect harmony – this is what Scandinavian interior design and style is all about. Magnificent in its modernism and defined by its creativity, Scandinavian interior design and style pushes boundaries with experimental elements. The meaning of Scandinavian interior design and style has evolved since its origins in the 50s, but the movement has always been characterised by its relentless prioritisation of comfort, convenience and enjoyment of everyday life.

There’s also a strong connection to nature evident in contemporary Scandinavian interior design. Exposed wood, faux fur, leather furniture, synthetic hide rugs – all creating a warm and welcoming ambiance to soak up and enjoy. Scandinavian interior design can be used to make a powerful statement, or to create an elegant and understated space with just a few select points of focus. With David Hales Design Studio, Scandinavian interior design can be anything you want it to be.

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It’s difficult to go wrong with Scandinavian interior decoration ideas. However, it’s also difficult to come up with something truly unique and inspiring. The more mainstream ‘generic’ Scandinavian interior decoration becomes, the greater the importance of taking your own ideas a step further.

To assume Scandinavian interior design is cold or sterile is to completely miss the mark. Most Scandinavian countries have cold and harsh climates, calling for warm and welcoming interiors to escape the outside elements. Thus, premium textiles like mohair rugs, sheepskin throws and deep-pile carpets can often be found in contemporary Scandinavian interiors. Juxtaposed with brilliant white walls, minimal accessories and the occasional burst of a bold colour.Simplicity lies at the heart of all good Scandinavian interior decoration ideas. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of scope for creativity and experimentation. Whatever your vision for your ideal interior space, we’re standing by with the support you need to make it a reality.


At David Hales Design Studio, our Scandinavian interior design services are as flexible as the style itself. Scandinavian interior design can be used to create almost any type of interior space imaginable. From the cosy and comfortable to the stripped-back and minimalist, Scandinavian interior design is uniquely dynamic, flexible and cost-effective.

Our Scandinavian interior design services prioritise creativity and inspiration. However simple or elaborate your vision, we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations at a price you can afford. If you’re yet to decide how you’d like your interiors to look, we’ll guide you through the possibilities using our advanced 2D and 3D design software.

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