Eclectic Mix Interior Design

Unusual, original, inspired and unique – four words we believe encapsulate the appeal of eclectic mix interior design. Perfect for revamping the interiors of homes, commercial spaces and hospitality settings, eclectic mix interior design is a true ‘best of all worlds’ approach to property improvements. By mixing a variety of styles and allowing the project to be taken in any creative direction, eclectic mix interior design takes freedom of choice and experimentation to the next level.

Bold, brave and beautiful, eclectic interior design is for confident people who aren’t afraid to showcase their personality. It’s about pushing boundaries, questioning conventions and trying something completely new. Eclectic mix interior design can be challenging to pull off, but has the potential to produce the most striking and memorable interior spaces imaginable.

If you’re interested in an interior makeover that goes far beyond the generic, call David Hales Design Studio to discuss the possibilities with eclectic mix interior design.

The eclectic interior is great for modern people who want to create and are not afraid to show their courage and go beyond the usual. Memorable eclectic style in the interior of the apartment, home, office or salon will create an island of comfort and a unique mood in the heart of the metropolis.


At David Hales Design Studio, we offer a complete range of eclectic mix interior design services for homes and commercial properties. But what does eclectic mix interior design mean to us? What defines an eclectic mix interior style?

By its very nature, eclectic mix interior design is very difficult to define. This is because an eclectic approach to interior design involves combining multiple styles to create something completely unique. Contrasting interior design elements are strategically juxtaposed in a manner that may seem unusual or unviable on paper. When brought to life, however, eclectic mix interior design can be uniquely eye-catching and inspiring.

Best of all, eclectic mix interior design opens the door to limitless opportunity for experimentation. With our 2D and 3D design software, you’ll have the opportunity to try a number of layouts, themes, styles and schemes, before going ahead with your final interior makeover. Call David Hales Design Studio anytime for more information.


Eclectic mix interior design and decorating ideas have seen a surge in popularity over recent years. Fuelled by the desire to create something truly personal and unique, more households and business owners than every before are opting for an interior décor ‘mashup’.

In interior design, eclectic mix decoration can mean almost anything. Popular ideas for achieving unique results include combining textures, time periods, styles, trends and colours in a wholly unconventional manner. Though importantly, a manner that creates a unified and harmonious whole that’s neither chaotic nor crowded.Unsurprisingly, effective eclectic mix interior decorating can be difficult to pull off. Whether you’re struggling for ideas or have an inspired vision in mind, we can help bring it to life before your eyes. At David Hales Design Studio, we’re never happier than when tackling challenging projects and combining styles to create unique and inspiring results.


Our eclectic interior design services push creativity and innovation far beyond normal levels. Most interior design services follow strict rules and principles when combining styles for eclectic mix projects. At David Hales Design Studio, we believe the only limitation should be that of our combined imagination – the creative vision we establish in conjunction with our clients.

Quite simply, anything is possible with our eclectic mix interior design services. Whether you’d like to combine two, three or half a dozen styles into your project, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect and approve every aspect of the transformation ahead of time, thanks to our advanced 2D and 3D modelling software.

The key to successful eclectic mix interior design lies in having the confidence to sidestep conventions and strive for something superior. With our help, your home or commercial property will benefit from a true one-of-a-kind interior makeover.

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David Hales Design Studio offers a complete range of bespoke beach house interior design and decorating services, backed by more than 25 years of industry experience. To us, beach house interior design and decoration is about maximising the appeal and enjoyment of a uniquely desirable property. If you have a passion for the seaside and all-things nautical, it simply makes sense to bring a touch of the outdoors indoors.

Our approach to beach house interior design and decoration is inspired by ocean hues, bleached whites, natural materials and warm sunshine. From the broader colour scheme to the smallest of accessories, every aspect of your beach house interior design project will reflect both your personality and your preferences.

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