Coastal Interior Design

One of the fastest growing of all decorating styles, coastal interior design is by no means exclusive to coastal properties. Irrespective of how far you live from the seaside, the appeal of coastal interior design is both immense and universal. Perhaps because it brings to mind memories of enjoyable times spend by the sea, surrounded by family, friends and fabulous scenery.

There are various different types of coastal interior design that can be incorporated into a property.  However, coastal interior design typically centres on the use of ocean hues, sun-bleached whites, natural materials and strategically faded fabrics. Coastal interior design is, in many respects, a celebration of light, life and enjoyment of the great outdoors.Coastal interior design can be as bold or as understated as you want it to be, though in all instances provides the opportunity to create a relaxing and tranquil haven, separated from the frantic pace of 21st century life.


At David Hales Design Studio, our clients often ask – what is coastal interior design? What exactly defines coastal interior style, and how can a coastal interior ambience be achieved? As with all aspects of interior design, coastal interior style means different things to different people.

Some of our clients prefer American coastal style, which combines warm whites with soft furnishings, reflective surfaces, nautical décor and maximisation of natural light. By contrast, others prefer tropical island coastal design, which incorporates much brighter colours, more complex patterns and exotic natural materials. Mediterranean coastal style is also popular throughout the UK and Europe, influenced heavily by the classical interior design themes of Greece, Spain and Italy.

At David Hales Design Studio, we have the experience and expertise to introduce you to the various coastal interior design themes you may wish to consider for your property. Call today to book your free initial design consultation with a member of the team.


Struggling for coastal interior decoration ideas? Looking to create an elegant and inviting coastal interior theme without crossing the line into kitsch? For more than 25 years, David Hales Design Studio has been breathing life into the most inspiring coastal interior design and decoration ideas across the UK. Whether you live by the beach or simply dream of times spent at the seaside, we can transform your interiors into the coastal haven you’ve always wanted. Coastal interior decoration and design is all about maximisation of natural light and bringing a touch of the outdoors indoors. Think faded fabrics, natural woods, nautical accessories and ocean hues. All of which can be used to complement a relaxing and tranquil coastal colour scheme throughout your home.At David Hales Design Studio, we believe that the key to successful coastal interior decoration lies in the details. Call today to discuss your coastal design and decorating ideas with a member of the team.


David Hales Design Studio provides a complete range of interior design services for residential and commercial properties. Our inspiring coastal interior design services can transform even the most landlocked homes into relaxing, atmospheric and enjoyable seaside-themes spaces.

Our complete coastal interior design services begin with an in-depth design consultation, during which we’ll guide you through the available options. You’ll then be presented with a detailed 3D mock-up of the proposal, in order to see how your interiors will look when the project is complete.

Every aspect of our coastal interior design service can be tailored to suit your preferences and your budget. Importantly, we adopt a strictly pressure-free, obligation-free approach to the consultancy we provide.

For more information or to arrange your free initial consultation, contact the team at David Hales Design Studio today.

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David Hales Design Studio offers a complete range of bespoke beach house interior design and decorating services, backed by more than 25 years of industry experience. To us, beach house interior design and decoration is about maximising the appeal and enjoyment of a uniquely desirable property. If you have a passion for the seaside and all-things nautical, it simply makes sense to bring a touch of the outdoors indoors.

Our approach to beach house interior design and decoration is inspired by ocean hues, bleached whites, natural materials and warm sunshine. From the broader colour scheme to the smallest of accessories, every aspect of your beach house interior design project will reflect both your personality and your preferences.

Save time, effort and money on your next interior makeover, with the committed support of the experts at David Hales Design Studio. Call today for more information.