Choosing The Best Furniture And Interior Fittings

Choosing the best furniture and interior fittings represents a pivotal part of the interior design process. At David Hales Design Studio, we acknowledge that the ‘best’ furniture and interior fittings differ from one client and interior space to the next. That’s why our innovative interior design solutions include comprehensive furniture and fixture consultations as standard.

Our expert design team will help you choose the best furniture and interior fittings to suit your priorities, your preferences and your budget. If your ideal furniture and fittings cannot be found, we’ll arrange for them to be designed and manufactured on your behalf. Working with leading joinery and carpentry firms across Surrey, we’re able to commission the creation of true one-of-a-kind room features of impeccable quality.

For more information on choosing the best furniture and interior fittings for any interior space, book your free initial consultation with David Hales Design Studio today.


For more than 25 years, David Hales Design Studio has been designing and creating bespoke furniture for a discerning clientele. To us, the key to effective interior design lies in creativity and uniqueness. If your dream furniture and fixtures aren’t available commercially, we’ll design and create them from scratch.

Designing and creating bespoke furniture begins with visualising the position and contribution of each element and feature within the space. Styles, materials, trims/finishes, ironmongery and so on – all important considerations when designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture of any kind. From cutting-edge commercial units to classical and contemporary residential properties of all sizes, we know how to maximise the practicality, presentation and prestige of any interior space.

If you’re interested in designing and creating bespoke furniture for your home or business, we’d be delighted to hear from you. With no obligation to go ahead, a member of our design team will talk you through the available options and help you discover the hidden potential of your property.


From concept to installation, let David Hales Design Studio transform your home with the bespoke kitchen of your dreams. Our full-service interior design solutions include the conceptualisation, design and installation of beautiful bespoke kitchens of impeccable quality. From the smallest urban apartments to the largest family home, we’ll help create your dream kitchen concept and bring it to life before your eyes.

Working with the latest 3D modelling software, our expert design team will produce a detailed and accurate mock-up of your ultimate bespoke kitchen.  If you choose to go ahead, we’ll organise and oversee every aspect of the installation process on your behalf. From start to finish, your bespoke kitchen design and installation project will be handled by a team of noted interior designers with relentless attention to detail.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering a new kitchen, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Call David Hales Design Studio anytime to discuss our bespoke kitchen design and installation services in more detail.


Take the comfort and practicality of your home to the next level, with our renowned bespoke bathroom design and installation expert. Let David Hales Design Studio help you visualise and design your unique personal space from scratch at a price you can afford. We specialise in the design and installation of bespoke bathrooms that perfectly balance form with function. With our help, your home will benefit from a perfectly presented and practical living space, designed from scratch to suit your preferences and your budget.

We work closely with leading contractors across Surrey, creating bespoke bathrooms for residential and commercial properties alike. From the lavish and luxurious to the practical and understated, we know how to transform creative visions into flawless interior spaces. To learn more about our bespoke bathrooms or to arrange a free design consultation, contact a member of the team at David Hales Design Studio today.


At David Hales Design Studio, we often say that it’s the most modest of accessories that have the biggest impact. We believe that effective interior design for homes and businesses alike is all about attention to detail. Irrespective of the size and nature of the interior design project, completing the picture means being strategic with the procurement and placement of accessories.

Through our exclusive network of suppliers across the UK and worldwide, we’re able to access a unique and inspiring range of interior accessories for homes and commercial properties. Whether considering a minor interior makeover or an extensive overhaul, we give every aspect of the project the priority and focus it deserves. The interior accessories you choose could have a marked impact on both the aesthetic appeal and the practicality of the entire space.

To ensure your property has the professional finish you desire, contact the team at David Hales Design Studio today for more information.

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