The Importance Of Colour Schemes In Interior Design

It’s no secret that colour scheme selection can make or break a much wider interior design project. The importance of choosing the right colour schemes for any interior space simply cannot be overstated. That’s why here at David Hales Design Studio, we prioritise colour scheme selection as an integral and important element of the interior design process.

The colour schemes we choose for our interior spaces have a profound influence on our moods, our motivation and our enjoyment of our surroundings.  Strategic colour scheme selection can make a space inviting, invigorating, relaxing or romantic. In a commercial environment, choosing the right colour schemes can boost productivity, creativity and output.

This is why the importance of mindful colour scheme selection is not to be overlooked. For any interior design project to achieve its full potential, colour scheme selection must be both considered and prioritised from the earliest possible stage.

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At David Hales Design Studio, we’re often asked – what’s the best interior colour combination for my home?

Interior design is a deeply personal process, which differs significantly from one client to the next. Every customer we work with has their own unique take on appropriate interior colour combinations for their homes. What represents a dream interior colour combination for one client may be entirely unsuitable for another. Just as appropriate Interior colour combinations may differ enormously from one room to the next.

The key to successful interior design lies in carefully considering each element carefully and completely.  One of the most important of which being interior colour combination selection, based on the creative vision and preferences of the client.

From the latest ‘on trend’ colour schemes to the timeless interior décor styles that never go out of fashion, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring your interiors to life with your dream interior colour combination.


Colours influence the way we see and respond to our environment. To understand the importance of appropriate commercial colour schemes, you need only picture row after row of grey cubicles in a grey room – an uninspiring and demotivating environment in which to do business.

Vibrant colours in commercial environments send a powerful message to employees and customers alike. High-impact commercial colour schemes paint a picture of a business that is creative, dynamic and confident. Whether your goal is to boost workplace motivation or encourage customers to spend more time in your store, your choice of commercial colour schemes can and will make a big difference.

For more than 25 years, David Hales Design Studio has been providing expert advice and support for clients looking to enhance commercial environments across London and Surrey. Whether interested in a few simple touch-ups or a complete interior makeover, we’re standing by with the help and support you need.


For all projects we produce a highly detailed and comprehensive decoration schedule, detailing every item on excel that all our craftsmen and contractors work from. These schedules are highly detailed including every dimension, measurement, fabric choice down to pattern repeats and rub tests. Which we find is a highly efficient way of ensuring that everyone has the latest and most accurate information enabling accurate completion of all aspects of the project. By providing technical information ourselves, we ensure our project succeeds smoothly and efficiently.


Creating a fully harmonised scheme throughout the home means considering each room both individually and as part of a unified whole. At David Hales Design Studio, our ‘room by room’ approach to interior design enables us to create meticulously balanced and harmonised schemes for classical and contemporary properties alike.

Bringing together a harmonised scheme for your entire home means first carefully considering your vision for each interior space. You may prefer a contemporary and minimalistic interior design scheme, or something more traditional. Your preferred colour scheme may be understated and elegant, or bold, bright and beautiful. Creating a fully harmonised scheme throughout the home means consciously avoiding clashes, though treating each room as an independent entity in its own right.

Using the latest 2D and 3D modelling software, we can provide you with a complete and accurate representation of the proposed design scheme for your home, before beginning the implementation phase of the project. Contact a member of the team at David Hales Design Studio anytime for more information.

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